Moving House 101: Portable moving containers vs. rental trucks (Part 2)

Can rental trucks give you that feel-good, moving feeling that storage containers deliver every time?

In Part 1, we took a look at the variable costs involved in truck rentals in comparison to more cost-effective, fixed price portable storage containers. Today, we’ll take things one step further and explore how storage containers measure up against a truck rental when you reach your destination. Which will leave you feeling relaxed and free to enjoy your new home?

You have arrived at your destination

So, how do truck rentals and portable moving containers compare when it comes to getting from A (Old Home) to B (New Home)? Will you choose the can-do, slightly exhausting option or will you opt for the massively more enjoyable BuddyBox moving experience?  

Truck rentals

Let me paint a picture. You’ve spent weeks packing up your house and have boxes in every room. Now it’s time to load them into the rental truck that you have for a day or, maybe, two. Feeling tired yet? Once you’ve loaded them up, it’s time to drive to your new home and start unloading. There’s no time for a rest, because the rental truck’s clock is ticking …

Portable moving containers

Apart from the cost-effectiveness, one of the overriding reasons for the popularity of portable moving containers is that they are also storage containers! We will deliver your secure, weatherproof containers to your home well in advance, giving you a month or more to complete your move. You can then pack up your home, room-by-room and load your containers as you go.


On moving day, one of our drivers will collect your moving containers and transport them to your new home for you. When you arrive, refreshed and relaxed, you’ll know which room is in which container and can unpack at your leisure. When you finish, just give us a call to collect the containers. 

No storage wars here

What happens if you have underestimate how much you actually own? It has happened to us all. We secrete things away in cupboards, closets and attics, and get a nasty shock when we can’t fit all of our boxes onto the rental truck we’ve hired. Not a great situation to find yourself in, we think you’ll agree!

Truck rentals

What a situation! The truck you’ve hired is too small. You have two options: 1. Call the truck rental company to ask if they have a larger truck; 2. Call the truck rental company to extend the rental period, so that you can make two trips. Whatever you choose, it will cost you time and money that may not have.

Portable moving containers

Breathe … BuddyBox portable moving containers are also storage units. So, if you run out of space, just pick up the phone and ask us to deliver another container. Because, we’ll deliver your storage containers way before your move, there’s no moving day stress at all, just peace of mind that your move will go like clockwork.

Make your moving day memorable for the right reasons

If you have any questions about the incredible cost- and sanity- saving benefits of portable moving boxes, give the friendly BuddyBox Team a call on (+1) 844-BUDDYBOX or drop us an email at  

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