BuddyBox FAQs: Portable Moving Containers

We know you have questions about portable moving containers, so we’ve put together this handy BuddyBox guide with the answers you need!

If you are new to the world of portable storage or moving containers, you will definitely have lots of questions about how BuddyBox containers work, where you can put them and what you can put in them. That’s why the BuddyBox Team has created a pretty comprehensive list – if we do say so ourselves –  of the most common questions our clients ask, before, during and after they rent a moving container from us. We hope you’ll find the answer you are looking for here, but if not, please get in touch!

Where will my BuddyBox moving container be placed?

Basically, that’s up to you (as long as we can easily access your preferred location, that is). Most of our clients choose to have us place their BuddyBoxes on their driveways, but if there isn’t enough space or if you just prefer us to leave your moving container at the curb, we can do that too. Always keep in mind that you need easy access to your moving container. Try to avoid placing it too far from the entrance to your home or garage for ease of loading.

How can I lock my BuddyBoxes?

Keeping your BuddyBox secure is essential and you will be the only one with a key to the lock. We recommend that you purchase a strong padlock, to keep your moving container as secure as possible.

Are my belongings covered by my home insurance?

Your homeowner insurance will usually cover any belongings that are stored in your BuddyBox moving container, as long as it is situated on your property. However, we can’t guarantee that, so we would advise you to check that your policy covers you.   

I want to move my BuddyBox. Can I?

We strongly recommend that you are at home when the BuddyBox Team delivers your portable storage containers, so that you can tell us exactly where to place your containers.  Moving the containers to a different location on your property after delivery incurs an extra charge, so better to get it right first time.

Are BuddyBoxes waterproof?

Yes, they are. BuddyBoxes are completely waterproof, so even if it rains, your belongings will stay dry.

Which areas do you cover?

If you want to move to or from Limestone, Morgan and Madison, BuddyBox is here to help you move hassle-free!


For more information or to request a quote for BuddyBox portable storage containers, please give us a call on (+1) 844-BUDDYBOX or send an email to buddy@www.buddyboxstorage.com.

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