How to Declutter Your Home Without Making it Unlivable

Image of super messy home that needs to be decluttered. Decluttering your home maximizes your sale price.

Do you know how much value you can add to your home by using a portable storage or moving container to organize your belongings? Read on to find out how to add $$$ to your home’s sale price.

Are clutter and personal items affecting your chances of selling your home for the best possible price? Would you stand a better chance of getting your full asking price, or more, if you decluttered and depersonalized your home? Are portable storage or moving containers the answer to successful decluttering? The answer to all those questions is a resounding YES and here’s why:

Clutter clutters buyers’ minds

Remember, selling your home is all about your potential buyers. They don’t care about you OR your pets OR your hobbies OR your beliefs – they care about whether your home is RIGHT for them. If your home is cluttered with too many personal belongings, buyers will have difficulty imagining themselves living there, because all they can see is you.  

Now, we aren’t telling you to erase your life from your home – it’s your home – you need to be able to live there until you find a buyer, right? However, getting rid of unnecessary clutter, depersonalizing and organizing your home will help you achieve your full asking price. It will also make moving house much easier for you too!

Storage and moving containers are a declutterer’s dream as you can keep your belongings safe, secure and within easy reach, but out of your newly staged house that is all set to WOW buyers.

How much decluttering is enough?

That really depends on the state of your house. What we’d suggest is that you get some honest opinions from family and friends, because, truth-be-told, we all start to see past the clutter in our own homes.

Look at both the inside and outside, as curb appeal is important too. You only get one chance to make a great first impression guys. If you’ve already had a Buddy Box portable moving container delivered, great! That will give people the impression that you have plenty of interest from buyers and are likely to be on the move soon, which translates into a sense of urgency that if they want your home, they’d better act fast!

You should be aiming for show home quality when staging your home:

  1. Clear clutter away: You’ll want to clear out some clutter and store the rest away. Order a skip and a Buddy Box moving container to get you organized and your home in a beautifully decluttered state that buyers will love.
  2. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before: Buyers notice everything, so your home should be sparkling clean before all viewings – without exception. Cleaning won’t cost you a bean either – just a bit of elbow grease.
  3. Tidy up outside: Don’t forget the outside of your property. Make sure your windows are gleaming and your entrance welcoming. Anything that shouldn’t be on display should go right into your portable storage container or skip.
  4. Keep your style restrained: Remember, it’s all about the buyers and the extra dollars on the sale price of your home. Stage your home, so that it has mass appeal and store the stylish pieces that you love in your moving container. There’ll be plenty of time for you to put your stamp on your new home and if you stage your current home well, you’ll probably have some extra cash to splash out on your new place too.
  5. Make your home welcoming: Clean, organized and depersonalized are all very well, but don’t take it to the extreme. No one wants to live in a hospital, so aim to create a warm welcoming ambiance with luxurious soft furnishings, tasteful decoration and clever lighting.
  6. Help buyers’ imaginations: We know this one may be a little hard to live with, but it works. Give your buyers the lifestyle they are looking for. Set your dining room table, make up your bed beautifully, place some interesting magazines on your coffee table, etc. Your hard work really will make a difference to your sale. If you want to add an extra personal touch, simply go grab something lovely from your moving container. Don’t forget to stage the outdoors too.

If you want to add thousands of dollars to your sale price, you need to think LIFESTYLE. Really sell your home to buyers by decluttering and staging the lifestyle people want to live. Your lifestyle won’t be lost as the beauty of Buddy Box portable moving containers is that they sit on your driveway or at the curb for however long you need them. If you need something that has already been packed, open up the container to get it. It’s that simple!

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How Portable Storage Containers Can Help You Declutter

Spider diagram that will help you decide whether to keep or throw clutter.

Whatever your reasons for decluttering your home, portable storage containers are the perfect solution.

Most of us have quite a lot of excess stuff lying around the house that we only use once or twice a year, seasonally or, more often than not, not at all. But here’s the thing, our homes shouldn’t act as storage containers. Homes should be functional, comfortable and a pleasure to live in, but if you let our belongings take over and never declutter, your home will take on a life of its own.

Helping people stay in control of their homes is why portable storage containers were invented. Whether you are trying to sell your house, move to a new home or just banish the clutter, a secure storage container that’s placed on your driveway or at the curb can help control the clutter and keep your belongings safe and organized. So, let’s take a quick look at how a portable storage or moving container will take the stress out of storage and moving.

Stage that house

When you need to sell your house, removing clutter is essential. Let house buyers see your home at its absolute best, not at its disorganized worst. Renting a portable storage container from BuddyBox will help you to organize your clutter and keep it out of the house you want to sell. Decide which clutter you want to keep and which you never use again. Throw or give away anything that you don’t need.

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling your home and have a massive impact on the number of offers you receive and the offers you receive. So if you want a full price offer and a quick sale, declutter before you open your home to potential buyers. You want to present a clean, well-kept residence to the people who may potentially buy your home. The great news is that removing clutter will make your property look bigger, cleaner and well cared for – all important boxes to check for property buyers.

Organized, efficient, easy home moves

Portable moving containers do so much more than just helping you to declutter your home while you try to sell it. They are a safe, easy way to pack up at your old home and transport your belongings to your new home. Where you can unpack at your leisure.

When you move to your new home, make it easy to unpack by storing your things in the portable moving container until you are ready to unpack. An excellent tip from pro packers is to sort your items by category (i.e. books, clothes, games, toys, CDs, etc.) so you know what’s in each box and container. That way there are no surprises when you get to your new home.

Declutter your life

If you simply just have too much stuff then it’s time to declutter your life. This involves more than packing things up in portable storage bins though. That works great for seasonal stuff like clothes or holiday decorations, but if you haven’t used an item in the last six months or year, it’s unlikely you will use it in the future. Donate it or toss it. You will be amazed how much stuff you’ve amassed that you don’t need. Life will be much simpler and more enjoyable when you get rid of all that extra junk!

Remember that moving containers are not just great for moving; they make great storage containers for stuff that you only use occasionally. Are you ready to start organizing your clutter and simplifying your life?

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BuddyBox FAQs: Portable Moving Containers

Buddy Box FAQ - What are Portable Moving Containers?

We know you have questions about portable moving containers, so we’ve put together this handy BuddyBox guide with the answers you need!

If you are new to the world of portable storage or moving containers, you will definitely have lots of questions about how BuddyBox containers work, where you can put them and what you can put in them. That’s why the BuddyBox Team has created a pretty comprehensive list – if we do say so ourselves –  of the most common questions our clients ask, before, during and after they rent a moving container from us. We hope you’ll find the answer you are looking for here, but if not, please get in touch!

Where will my BuddyBox moving container be placed?

Basically, that’s up to you (as long as we can easily access your preferred location, that is). Most of our clients choose to have us place their BuddyBoxes on their driveways, but if there isn’t enough space or if you just prefer us to leave your moving container at the curb, we can do that too. Always keep in mind that you need easy access to your moving container. Try to avoid placing it too far from the entrance to your home or garage for ease of loading.

How can I lock my BuddyBoxes?

Keeping your BuddyBox secure is essential and you will be the only one with a key to the lock. We recommend that you purchase a strong padlock, to keep your moving container as secure as possible.

Are my belongings covered by my home insurance?

Your homeowner insurance will usually cover any belongings that are stored in your BuddyBox moving container, as long as it is situated on your property. However, we can’t guarantee that, so we would advise you to check that your policy covers you.   

I want to move my BuddyBox. Can I?

We strongly recommend that you are at home when the BuddyBox Team delivers your portable storage containers, so that you can tell us exactly where to place your containers.  Moving the containers to a different location on your property after delivery incurs an extra charge, so better to get it right first time.

Are BuddyBoxes waterproof?

Yes, they are. BuddyBoxes are completely waterproof, so even if it rains, your belongings will stay dry.

Which areas do you cover?

If you want to move to or from Limestone, Morgan and Madison, BuddyBox is here to help you move hassle-free!


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6 Pro Packing Tips for Portable Storage Containers

Portable Moving Container - Blog

Find out how to pack portable moving containers like a pro

When it comes to packing for a big move are you in the “Love it” or “Hate it” camp? If you are an awesome packer, well done you … maybe you should come work for BuddyBox! If you don’t know where to start your packing up your house though, we feel your pain. In fact, you are like the vast majority of people who find everything about moving house stressful. There is light at the end of the moving tunnel though and it comes in the shape of BuddyBox portable storage containers and some great packing advice from our pro packers!

So here are our top packing tips for packing your belongings into your portable moving containers:

1.   A little planning goes a long way

Many people forget that unpacking when you reach your new home is just as time intensive as packing everything in the first place. It always surprises us that a lot of homeowners pack boxes and storage containers with no plan at all, failing to realise that they are making the job of unpacking so much more difficult!

So, before you start packing, make sure that you plan, plan, plan! With portable storage boxes, you can even pack entire rooms into their very own portable storage containers. Can you imagine how easy that will make unpacking? Want to unpack your kitchen first, just open up the kitchen container … Need your sofa? It’s in the family room container.

2.   Be prepared like a boy scout

This is a pretty obvious one, but you’d be shocked at how many of us forget to arm ourselves with a cool “moving house” toolkit. Don’t even think about placing anything into your portable storage containers before you’ve got the following must-have tools and supplies in your grasp:

  • Strong cardboard moving boxes
  • Heavy duty packing tape
  • A hand truck or furniture dolly
  • Stretch film and packing paper
  • Bubble cushion to prevent damage to fragile items
  • A sharp craft knife and pair of large scissors
  • Straps to secure items in the container
  • Blankets to protect furniture

3.   Don’t break your valuables

Now that you have all the packing materials you could possibly need (See “Be prepared like a boy scout “), there’s no excuse for shoddy packing. If you are going to spend time packing, make sure you pack with the utmost care. Pack fragile items, like glassware and electronics in bubble wrap and packing paper, ensuring that you don’t place heavy items on top of them in the portable storage container.

4.   Remember – big … smaller … smallest

Have you ever tried the experiment with a glass vase, rocks, pebbles and sand? If not, you definitely should! Basically, if you put the sand and the pebbles in the vase first you’ll have no room for the big rocks. If you place the rocks in first though the pebbles and then the sand will fit into the small spaces left behind.

The same is true of packing a portable storage box or any type of box, for that matter. Always pack big items like furniture and appliance first, and then fill the remaining space with smaller boxes. Easy!

5.   All about that heavy base

Now that you know to load large items into your storage containers first, we also need to tell you to keep an eye on the weight of boxes and other items. As a rule, heavier items should form a strong base for lighter items to sit on. If you were to put light boxes at the bottom of the container, you would end up with quite a few crushed belongings when your start unpacking at your new home.

6.   It’s a balancing act

When you’ve finished packing your portable storage boxes, the BuddyBox Team will come to collect them and transport them to your new house. It’s so important that you consider how the weight of your belongings is distributed within the box, so if you place a heavy chair in one corner, please offset that by placing something of approximately the same weight in the opposite corner of the container. This will help to avoid any tipping any potential damage to the contents of the container.

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On-site portable storage for clean-up and restoration services

Buddy Box Storage

Emergency restoration services rely on BuddyBox for fast provision of portable storage containers

Restoration and cleanup companies across the country have come to depend on BuddyBox’s secure, weatherproof, portable storage containers to help them to handle residential and commercial disasters as quickly as humanly possible. Our experienced team has been specifically trained to offer support services in restoration and clean-up situations, without hindering the essential work that restoration companies have been hired to do. 

Why restoration companies choose BuddyBox

Due to the nature of the restoration and cleanup business, restoration companies have to demand fast, reliable support from businesses they work with. BuddyBox understands the challenges emergency restoration situations and we have processes in place that enable us to respond immediately to requests for storage containers and for their removal from the clean-up site. 

Why portable storage containers are ideal for restoration projects

Our portable storage containers are ideal for situations where a restoration company has to remove a client’s belongings from their premises while the clean-up is in progress. BuddyBox containers can be securely locked and keep items well protected from rain, heat and cold. Many restoration companies also use our storage containers to work in when the site is dangerous or unsanitary.


Restoration companies often have to completely empty houses or offices to start the clean-up process and that’s where BuddyBox portable storage containers really come into their own. We can deliver multiple storage boxes to a site, so that the restoration company can store a client’s belongings by room and /or by damage sustained. BuddyBox storage containers save restoration and cleanup companies time and money by speeding up the emptying of the premises and by keeping the owner’s undamaged belongings safe from harm.

Need us to store the containers? No problem

In severe emergency situations, BuddyBox can remove loaded storage containers from the site to prevent further damage and store them at our storage facility until the situation has stabilized. Restoration companies often need space to move freely around a property, so this option is a popular one. The BuddyBox Team works quietly in the background to help make every clean-up and restoration job that little bit easier!

BuddyBox storage containers for restoration services

To find out how we can support your water damage, fire damage, mold removal or storm damage restoration and clean-up teams, give us a call on (+1) 844-BUDDYBOX or send an email to